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Rodrigo Canelas

"Rodrigo Canelas is a permanent traveller and a wanderer. He left Portugal 13 years ago and since then has been living in Brazil, France, India and, nowadays, Singapore. He visited more than 70 countries and worked in more than 30"

In 2009 he started an epic journey travelling around the world for 15 months without any plans and visited 14 countries across South America, Asia, Oceania and Africa. In Mozambique, he developed a social photography project in an orphanage called “My View”. In 2017 he crossed South East Asia by motorbike, hitchhiking and by bicycle, from Vietnam till Singapore. Both trips were journeys of adventure, personal superation, learnings and experiences

His purpose is to help people live a purposeful life and achieve their full potential. Currently based out of Singapore where he is working as Regional VP APAC for Waterwipes and also a business & life coach.

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