Puerto Rico (Dec. 28th 2008); Equador (Jan. 06th 2009); Peru (Jan. 23th2009); Brazil (Feb. 14th 2009) Peru2 (Feb. 26th 2009); Bolivia (Mar. 13th 2009); Chile (Mar. 31st 2009) French Polinesia (May 03rd 2009); Cook Islands(May 26th 2009); New Zealand (Jun. 03rd 2009); Australia (Jun. 28th 2009); Mozambique (Aug. 05th 2009); Zimbabwe (Dec. 05th 2009); Nepal (Dec. 21st 2009); India (Jan. 20th 2010); Portugal (Mar. 17th 2010)


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  • Dario Marchetti

    Dario Marchetti

    Comment Link Wednesday, 17 December 2014 15:57


    My name is Dario I work here in Danone Brazil. I was talking to Paulo from Manaus who told me about your trip. I am thinking about going to the Amazone. My passion is tribes and encounters with authetic peoples. I would love to ask you some details about your trip. Can you send me your email or contacts?


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