I would like to thank to all the people, companies and associations listed:



Ronja (Orphanage Volunteer- Germany)

Evitermo ( Moçambicano - Mozambique)

Enéias (Artist - Mozambique)

Martina (Tofo - Czech Republic)

Tubias (Volunteer in “Escolinha” - Germany)

Mr. Zacarias (Mozambique)

Lara (Designer – Portuguese)

Akisha (University Teacher - USA)

Darren (University Teacher - USA)

Piyush (lives in Spain - Portuguese)

Lucas Humbane (Portuguese))

Pierre (France)



Dr. Sérgio – Inhambane Hospital Director

Dr. Paula –  District Health Affairs Responsible

Dr. Pedro Inglês – District manager of Social care

Sr. António Seuane – Orphanage Director

Dr. Bastos Azarias – District manager of Sports and Youth

Pedro Dzucula – District manager of Agriculture


Companies, associations and others...

Barry (Verdinhos Restaurant – English)

Gesina - (“Escolinha” School Director - Germany)

Sister Lucilia – (Laura Vickunha Orphanage Director in Inharrime - Portuguese)

Etyu Ketyu Music band

Cinema Tofo

Dirk – (General Manager Nissan – South Africa)

Sharon Van Wyk (Finance Director Nissan – South Africa)

Eric – (NGO Handicap – Belgium)

Gindolo - Company

Kangela - Company

Casa Barry (Resort - Praia do Tofo)

Inhambane Turism University

Barkleys Bank

Ajude - Association

Ajudeco - Association

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