1) Management and organization of the Orphanage
A rotary system for the weekly tasks was created.
Definition of the responsibilities of every person in the orphanage. ( to confirm)
Some companies were contacted to help the orphanage on a regular basis.
The other Orphanages of the region were contacted to create a better proximity / connection between them.
2) Health
The Handicapped kids will start doing physiotherapy weekly in the district Hospital.
Protective material will be given to the employers to take care of the babies and the handicaped kids with safety and in hygienic conditions (like plastic gloves)
We asked the government to provide a doctor to go to the Orpahanage each fortnight ..... the kids (to confirm)
3) School
All the kids, except one, started to go to school (8 out of 18 didn’t go to school, but it was a condition of my project that the kids could only take photographs if they went to school)
4) Food
A company was contacted to provide extra food for the kids (like vegetables, fruits) (To confirm)
5) Daily needs of the orphanage
Two exhibitions were held, one in the Orphanage and other in the Restuarant Verdinhos, where we raised money, clothes, shoes, school material...
Some companies gave material to rebuild the Orphanage (like tintas)
Shelves were built where each kid could keep their clothes and their own private things.
We created a garden and a vegetable plot with material offered by the government
6) Activities
An agreement was made with the local cinema that the kids could go once per month to watch a movie
7) Relocation of the kids in their families, adoptive families, other orphanage or stay in this one.
A Project was made to be presented to some NGO´s and has the goal of  relocating each kid depending on what is the best for each kid ( go back to the families, adoptive families, other orphanage or stay in this one

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